Ten on Tuesday – 10 Things You Do when You Have Nothing Else to Do

Not to get all “busier-than-thou” about it, but I rarely have “nothing else to do,” so I guess I’d approach this topic as more as “10 Things I Do When I Have Nothing Else I WANT to (or HAVE to) Do.” Some are definitely procrastination practices, some are things I save for when the work gets done, and some I would actually consider to be things on the “to-do” list, just not high-priority ones.

  1. Read (part of) a book – always my #1 leisure activity, but enough time to go start-to-finish in one seating almost never happens
  2. Catch up on my blog feed-reading
  3. Join my husband on the couch to see what’s been recorded on the DVR, and watch some TV
  4. Play with the dog
  5. If it’s a weekend when the kids are at their mom’s, go for an old-fashioned “Sunday drive” with my husband
  6. Re-organize my closet, my dresser drawers, or the pantry
  7. This is more like 6a, really – GET RID OF STUFF that I don’t use/wear/need so I have less to organize
  8. Bake a batch of brownies, cookies, or some other treat
  9. Computer cleanup – delete old files, run scans, defragment the hard drive
  10. Visit a bookstore (see #1)

If this isn’t the most boring list posted for this topic, I will be surprised – and a bit sad for whoever has an even less exciting one. This may be why I rarely have “nothing else to do” – I don’t have much interesting to do when it happens!

(And for a totally different Tuesday game, check out this one. I don’t always play, but I did this week.)

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  1. Oh, baking. Now that’s something I should definitely do more of. Sounds like a nice list of things you have at hand to do to keep you busy. Like you’re never not busy, right?

  2. See, I think that’s the point. When you have nothing else to do, you do mellow, mundane, yet enjoyable things. I haven’t seen an “exciting” list yet. Seems like we should all get together and sit in front of the tv.

  3. I think cjh is probably right about the point of this being the ordinary things we do when all the “must-do’s” get done, or we’re avoiding them. Patois, I checked your list, and I don’t iron either. Hootin’anni, nothing wrong with baking!

  4. Sheesh, I might actually HAVE to do some baking now! Actually, my stepdaughter’s birthday is next week, so I guess I do anyway.

    And Madame M., I don’t know who doesn’t wish they had more time to read. (Actually, maybe I just don’t want to know…)