Rules of the road

Stolen (with permission) from A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm:

Yield ≠ merge
Left Turn Only lane ≠ your personal merging lane
No turn signal = No letting your rude-person butt in
Flashing RED light = Stop, then proceed with caution
Flashing RED light ≠ “Let’s see who can get faster to the intersection!”
Flashing YELLOW light = Proceed with caution.
Flashing YELLOW light ≠ “The road is mine, bitches”
Flashing YELLOW light ≠ Stop. Go. Gooo….ssttttooopp! GO!
Pedestrians ≠ Bumper fodder (unless jaywalking in high-traffic area)
The bird = always a humbling experience coming from an elderly woman.

This was part of a very funny post on modern etiquette and lack of same, but as a Los Angeles driver, this was the part that most captured my attention.

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